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The Gentle Hand + The Greedy Eye: an everday baroque practice in architecture Rachel Hurst
2014 / published 2016

Body of Work Bruce Connew
2013 / published 2015

I Drive You Crazy, to the Moon Bruce Connew
2007 / unpublished

I Must Behave Bruce Connew
2006 / published 2009

I Saw You Bruce Connew
2006 / published 2007

Stopover Bruce Connew
2000 / published 2007

Muttonbirds — part of a story Bruce Connew
2002 / published 2004

On the way to an ambush
Bruce Connew
1997 / published 1999

Vekst i det vanskelige
Hanne Johnsen
2012 / published 2013

A Short History of Photography Harvey Benge

Montana Estate Essay Series Four Winds Press
2002 and 2003

Cover Up: The Art of the Book Cover in New Zealand
Hamish Thompson

Looking for the Local — Architecture and the New Zealand Modern
Justine Clark and Paul Walker


A Short History of Photography


Harvey Benge / Essay, Gerry Badger / Publisher, Dewi Lewis
Launched in London at The Photographers’ Gallery in November 2007: “Harvey Benge’s work here is a meditation on photographic style. While looking through his contact sheets, he noticed that one of his pictures reminded him of a “Friedlander”, while another reminded him of someone else. All photographers do this, and if the photograph in question apes the another photographer too closely, it’s usually a cause for rejection.” — Badger
A commentary on Adams, Baltz, Baldessari, Barney ...


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