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A Vocabulary, book in situ / images: Catherine Griffiths

book image: Samuel Hartnett


The exhibition, A Vocabulary, at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

installation images / Samuel Harnett, 2020


A Vocabulary

“I step mindfully onto the farmland to photograph a panorama of the battle site from both Māori and Pākehā points of view. After several footsteps, and with some bafflement, I stop dead in my tracks at a strange sensation deep inside my belly, which today I’m still unable clearly to throw light on. History was here, I grasp that, but this was out of that range. Does earth hold memory, and deliver that memory when the gravity is ripe? I quietly push forward.

It was not the only occasion this phenomenon manifested while roaming the battles of Aotearoa’s reprehensible colonial wars. The memory of that memory has not grown pale. Over several recent years, not the least abstractedly, I’ve roamed more, this time after the many memorials and gravestones for the dead of these wars, or more specifically, the texts on these testaments to folly. A vocabulary of colonisation.”

Bruce Connew

design Catherine Griffiths
and Bruce Connew
typography Catherine Griffiths
cloth, case-bound, 604 pages
section sewn, round spine, ribbon
206 x 137, upright
496 colour photographs as 306 works
printed in Aotearoa New Zealand
NZ$95 edition of 250, signed
NZ$250 edition of 50 with signed
pigment print, ‘Heke’s Pah’
158 x 105mm image size
on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
Vapour Momenta Books
ISBN 978-0-473-54543-7




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A Vocabulary

Bruce Connew, 2021

Artist book, published by Vapour Momenta Books, the pocket-sized publishing arm of Bruce Connew and Catherine Griffiths

‘A Vocabulary’, Bruce Connew, is a 604-page, cloth, case-bound artist book in an edition of 250 (Vapour Momenta Books, 2021): 306 works, an introduction, ‘A vocabulary of colonisation’, with He Mōteatea The Lament, and essay by Rangihīroa Panoho.

After three years research, fieldwork, edit, research, more research, Covid-19, research, design, print and bind, the artist book and accompanying exhibition opened with a preview, Saturday, 12 December 2020, at Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery, Titirangi, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

Advance copies of the book are available at Vapour Momenta Booksand the Te Uru Gallery shop.

Printed in Aotearoa with assistance from Creative New Zealand

View the book and exhibition

Design Catherine Griffiths
and Bruce Connew
Typography Catherine Griffiths
Cloth, case-bound, 604 pages
section sewn, round spine, ribbon
206 x 137, upright
496 colour photographs as 306 works 
Printed in Aotearoa New Zealand
EDITION of 250
with signed pigment print, ‘Heke’s Pah’
158 x 105mm image size, on 308gsm
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Vapour Momenta Books
ISBN 978-0-473-54543-7


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