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photographs / Bruce Connew

‘Installation with mirror and line’ working with the circle form, a mirror ‘O’ (the mirror belonged to my late mother-in-law) which references an unbuilt mirror work awaiting suspension in a downtown city street, not far from the exhibition site, this response to Transitionalfieldwork – 36.8670511, 174.7597644 (with fluorescent builder’s line from my construction kit) considers the vertical shift between the now, past and future.


/ Catherine Griffiths, 2016

studio test and drawings for installation / Catherine Griffiths, 2016



top: Rebecca Steedman + David Cowlard, Transitionalfieldwork (booklet)
Oliver Neuland, SlimRide (video) / Transitionalfieldwork (poster)
Caroline Powley, Designated surface (drawings)

middle: Ruth Watson, Soon-to-be-lost addresses (boxed) / O.N., SlimRide (video)
Yolunda Hickman, Buildings (carpet) / Lucky Bulldozer, Shaddock Street (video)
C.P., Designated surface (drawing) / C.G., Installation with mirror and line

bottom centre + right: R.S. + D.C., Transitionalfieldwork (posters, rocks, map, sound)


Catherine Griffiths, 2016


03 other in(ter)ventions

an international typography symposium, Wellington, NZ

typ gr ph c
a series of compact workshops, Karekare, NZ


Shanghai Art and Design Exhibition, 2017, CHINA

Labour of Love
another word-play poster, 2018, NZ

W in black
drawings in progress, 2017, NZ/FR

A whakapapa, two lines of women, an installation drawing
All Lines Converge, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, 2016, NZ

Installation with mirror and line
transitionalfieldwork, an exhibition, 2016, NZ

only U know ...
collaboration, Lela Jacobs AW17 Auckland, and SS17 Paris collection, NZ + FR

installation, Typojanchi 2015, 4th International Typography Biennale, Seoul, KR

The Alphabet
front page takeover of the Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper for 26 days, Fitchburg, USA

The Brexit Series
a word-play poster series in response to Brexit

Raising the Flag
contemplative, suggestive — design unravelled, NZ

The Tuwhare Poster Project
fund-raiser for the Hone Tuwhare Trust Writers Residency, NZ

memento :: motif
Proyecto de Arte Contemporáneo Alzheimer, Valparaíso, Chile

The Phone Book
a maquette, for the Club de Conversation project

Club de Conversation at S/F with Dino Chai, Auckland, NZ

Club de Conversation: Keyhole Series and Dials
rug series, Dilana Workshop, NZ

Sound Tracks
installation, The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, NZ

The Jets
short film, Paris, France

Protest Vessel 1/2 PRICE
a collaboration with ceramic artist Raewyn Atkinson, NZ

Installation with mirror and line


Transitionalfieldwork – 36.8670511, 174.7597644, a group exhibition

‘Installation with mirror and line’ ... my response to Transitionalfieldwork, DEMO artspace, 21 Shaddock Street, Auckland, 6–9 December 2016

Curated by Rebecca Steedman and David Cowlard, Transitionalfieldwork – 36.8670511, 174.7597644 invited responses to a territory flagged for infrastructural development. Respondents /researchers were given 6-weeks to imagine; re-imagine; map or record an archive of the existing landscape, or propose alternate futures as the starting point for an ongoing enquiry into our changing geo-spatial relations.

David Cowlard
Catherine Griffiths
Yolunda Hickman
Oliver Neuland
Caroline Powley
Nick Spratt
Rebecca Steedman
Ruth Watson

“The catalogue of forms is endless: until every shape has found its city, new cities will continue to be born. When the forms exhaust their variety and come apart, the end of cities begins.” – Italo Calvino, ‘Invisible Cities’

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