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AEIOU — Constructed/Projected, 2015 / Typojanchi 2015, Culture Station Seoul 284: Main exhibition with Studio Spass (left), Why Not Associates & Gordon Young (floor), Catherine Griffiths (alcove), Joon Soo Ha (right projection), and Nolgong (out of frame) / photograph (top), Jinsol Kim © 2015



installation drawing / © 2015


AEIOU — Constructed/Projected, installed ... the film ‘i’, the projected/sound component (a running stream of consciousness) is central to the space. Reference is made to other projects, and modes of construction — a timber ‘A’, sheets of plywood; the disassembled ‘E’ from AEIOU; the reflective paper ‘O’, a material often used in my practice; barrier tape, a sideways ‘U’, improvised / © 2015




Typojanchi 2015 opening celebration / Ahn Sang-soo inserts himself, another layer into the installation (below)


/ photographs CG (unless noted) / above left + right: Jinsol Kim © Korea Craft & Design Foundation. All rights reserved. Typojanchi2015: 4th International Typography Biennale



Special thanks to Typojanchi — Kyungsun Kymn, Chris Ro, Ahn Byung-Hak, Adele Soon, Youngeun (Bree) Sohn, Daun Lim, Doyeon Yang, Zero Lab — the whole team — who worked on my behalf to help install the AEIOU work as imagined on paper and as a maquette ... to Zanders the papermakers for the Chromolux paper; to Oliver Connew (dancer), Alfredo Ibarra (composer), and the voices of family, friends and strangers for their contribution to ‘i’.

— CG


/ organisational map: Youngeun Sohn / Typojanchi site: E Roon Kang © 2015


Photographer: SSSAUNA STUDIO
© Korea Craft & Design Foundation. All rights reserved.
Typojanchi2015: 4th International Typography Biennale

Open Talk, Typojanchi 2015 / poster: Jaemin Lee © 2015


Typojanchi 2015, 4th International Typography Biennale, Culture Station Seoul 284 / poster: Jaemin Lee © 2015



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AEIOU — Constructed/Projected


Typojanchi 2015, 4th International Typography Biennale

AEIOU — Constructed/
is a semi-autobiographical work, and the fourth in an ongoing enquiry into the Vowels. The serial work continues to explore material and contextual terms, the abstract construction of the vowels (line, curve, circle), and the speech sounds that these elicit.

Constructed/Projected is site specific, made in response to C( )T( ) and the biennale theme of city and typography. Layers of interaction — extrinsic > extemporaneous < intrinsic — between body movement, political manoeuvre overhead, telephone numbers collected, signs and letterforms identified, pavement infrastructure underfoot, and the recording of speech and sound are presented in a short film ‘i’, a running stream of conciousness, with remaining objects placed in situ.

An additional layer of viewer/s intervention (un-tested at the time of making, but expected) will cause varying levels of confusion, perhaps a loss of clarity, or clarity, as the viewer moves through the constructed and the projected, inadvertently/
purposefully inserting themselves into the work.

— CG / November 2015


Timber (A), copper pipe (E), film ‘i’ 7:55 (I), reflective paper (O), barrier tape (U)


A: two lengths of timber, sawn, joined, propped at the entrance of the space

E: 20 copper pipes collected, set out in a row

I: film with sound, projected from the pillar into the alcove space

O: 50 sheets of Chromolux Alu set in a circle, 120cm diameter, on the floor

U: 100m of barrier tape, tied to the pillar outside of the space, stretched across into the space, wrapped around the plywood sheets, and pulled back across the floor, finishing at the roll



Film: Catherine Griffiths — collected photographs, video footage, voice recordings, 1999–2015; excerpts from ‘The Phone Book’, Club de Conversation, 2012; ‘The Jets’, 2010

Dancer: Oliver Connew

Composer: Alfredo Ibarra

Voices: strangers, friends, family

With thanks to Zanders, Zero Lab, and Typojanchi for assistance with materials and projection equipment.


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