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exhibition: A bespoke display system for New Zealand Institute of Architects

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Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 submission

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A bespoke display system

client: New Zealand Institute of Architects

80 units of black anodised aluminium tubing, 100s of clamps, each unit carries four A2 sized sheets, each held by a pair of small wooden clips with pegs. Each centre displays a metal NZIA ‘flag’. The winners are tagged after the announcements with a W folded onto the sheet.



In mid-2015 I took on a commission to design and produce a light-weight modular display system for the NZIA Local Architecture Awards. The Awards are held annually in eight cities around New Zealand.

My proposition to the NZIA was to articulate the illusion of space: by “drawing space in line”. How this framework would exhibit the content without dominating, be light and flexible enough to adapt, yet be defining of space, and offer a sense of atmosphere in the viewing, I sought to find the balance between conceptual and practical.

Drawing on the spatial and material qualities of other projects, both two and three dimensional, observing the lightness of my studio (which I built, and parts of which acted as a prototype), and with input early on from product designer Jamie McLellan, the idea developed into a practical and real possibility with Rob Uivel and his team at Human Dynamo Workshop who fabricated and produced the system. I then turned my attention to the design of a flexible template, and produced 200-odd architects’ sheets which were digitally printed onto a synthetic paper — robust in handling and movement, and light, almost translucent, in appearance.

Five of us assembled the first 12 units on the day of the Auckland Local Awards, April 28, 2016. What a quiet thrill (and relief) it was to see the concept finally take position in the very cool Herbst Maxcey designed Heliport, only to be dismantled the following day ... the first in the series of one night stands.


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