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A+W•NZ Awards 2014 book + dust-jacket + poster

A+W•NZ Awards 2014 book + dust-jacket + poster




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exhibition: A bespoke display system for New Zealand Institute of Architects

exhibition: Point of Distance
Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 submission

exhibition: Diverse Practice
School of Architecture, VUW

exhibition: ParlourLIVE!
Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 submission

film: Making Waves with 20...

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print: A+W•NZ
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poster: A+W•NZ
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wayfinding: Athfield Architect
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A+W•NZ Awards 2014: book and poster

client: Architecture+Women•NZ

New Zealand

For the inaugural A+W•NZ Awards, 100 copies of a small book presenting the awards with keynote images, digitally printed on the Indigo; a chromolux cover printed on the reverse side, wrapped in a Riso-printed dust-jacket (which doubled as a poster by printing a few extras).

Three awards were presented on the night. The Munro Diversity Award was won by “active New Zealanders” Justine Clark and Gill Matthewson for Parlour: women, equity, architecture, in Australia. Being the designer for Parlour since its inception, I had to keep mum for weeks while working with A+W•NZ! The Wirihana Emerging Leadership Award was won by Cecile Bonnifait, and the Chrystall Excellence Award by Julie Stout.

Made with papers from BJ Ball Papers, printed by Image Centre Group (Dpod) and Index Press (Risograph RP3700)

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