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above: the corporate identity, a field of letters
below: selected drawings from early concept and developed design, 2008/09


below: wayfinding, on- and off- site, 2010/11



above: wayfinding signage on the hillside, concept and finished objects
>> See A Hillside Intervention

below: doodles articulate the AAL brand towards a new site ...



new site, launched 2016 — and developed by Sons & Co



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05 a corporate world


exhibition: A bespoke display system for New Zealand Institute of Architects

exhibition: Point of Distance
Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 submission

exhibition: Diverse Practice
School of Architecture, VUW

exhibition: ParlourLIVE!
Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 submission

film: Making Waves with 20...

id: Athfield Architects
id: KAREN Network
id: KTA
id: Logan Studio
id: The Oxygen Group
id: Parlour
id: Sharon Jansen Architect
id: Stevens Lawson Architects

online: Interstices Journal

print: A+W•NZ
print: BRAIN magazine, JP
print: Desktop magazine, AU
print: Adam Art Gallery
print: Kristy Gorman
print: Creative New Zealand
print: TypeSHED11

poster: A+W•NZ
poster: A Cadavre Exquis, TS11
poster: Fête du Graphisme 2015
poster: Blue Oyster Art Space
poster: Like This, Like Us
poster: Man-Made
poster: Salted:Singlet
poster: Things That Move Me
poster: Wonder-Land
poster: Window

wayfinding: Athfield Architect
wayfinding: Distance Markers
wayfinding: Fran Wilde Walk


Logo and visual identity for Athfield Architects Limited

client: Athfield Architects

The field of letterforms on white space is a typographic response to the architecture practice, both physically and philosophically.

Shown here are drawings of the thought process during concept and development back in 2008, a working drawing for the wayfinding signage system, an installation of letters, A Hillside Intervention, and the latest development, a new site by Sons & Co, launched July 2016.

Set in five weights of Verlag, by Hoefler and Frere-Jones

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